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In this era, website is very helpful in terms of marketing, especially the recruitment of prospective or recruiting new students. To increase the interest of prospective students the Ash Shofa Foundation requires a simple and efficient website because it is a non-profit foundation.

About Ash Shofa

Ash Shofa foundation was built with a simple idea; start from self, starting from small, start now! We provide scholarships for those who are less affluent, after school activities for children in a village called Winduhaji, Kuningan City,  West Java Province, Indonesia

Although the theme of the school is Islamic in nature, it is open for everyone, as we have no political/religious affiliation to anyone.

Currently Ash Shofa is educating 135 students, ranging from kindergarten to Level 6 Elementary School.



Ash Shofa Foundation has no experienced capability team in developing websites in terms of design and website infrastructure. Elitery helps them to create simple and low-cost website, due to limited expert staff, minimal budget and maintaining its infrastructure.



Elitery uses WordPress on AWS LightSail solutions to quickly and easily develop website deployment and ensure that the website is easy to operate.

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