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Elitery has succeeded in migrating from the old OK OCE system which did not yet have features to accommodate a large number of users. With Elitery’s expertise in managing infrastructure and supported by high security requirements, Elitery moved their environment to AWS. Elitery also provides DevOps assistance to support their stable applications and infrastructure.

About OK OCE

OK OCE is a job creation movement. It continues to give positive contribution to the nation. Through this entrepreneurship and democratic economy program, OK OCE aims to create a lot of independence and employment for the people of Indonesia.



With so many parties involved, Elitery is needed for the integration process of some important requirements. The.website and mobile apps are expected to accommodate users which has now reached more than 50.000++. Elitery is also expected to maintain the application should there be any issues like bugs and troubleshooting end to end. As the backend works, it’s connected to several 3rd parties so strong communication skills are required..


By migrating to AWS, Elitery uses load balance and autoscale as its main services, to support applications and databases. With special security needs, Elitery makes WAF custom in accordance with existing requirements, Elitery succeeded in making the infrastructure of OK OCE more stable and robust, and in terms of cost more efficient.

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